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Two dogs on leashes during their daily walk

Daily Dog Walking Available 10:30am-3:30pm

If you have a dog or puppy that is in a crate, this is a great way to get them some exercise and give them a chance to relieve themselves. Eight to ten hours is a very long time for any puppy or dog to hold it. On our visit they will get a thirty minute walk. It will be the same person every time to visit your dog or puppy.

* Thirty minute or fifteen minute walks available

Couple of small dogs walking down a forest trail

Daily Walking Plus Training

If you are having trouble finding time to train your dog, we offer daily walking plus training. Our trainer will work with your dog on a daily basis on heeling, stay, sit, and down. If your dog is always pulling you on your walks this is a great way to teach your dog to heel.

Meet Your Dog Walkers

Our dog walker, Dina Brooks, is posing for a picture with a german shepherd

Dina Brooks

Meet Dina and Stella, a Positive Pooch graduate. Dina joined our dog walking team in 2010. Her hobbies include sketching, making jewelry, and jigsaw puzzles.

Our dog walker, Linda Klinger, is playing ball with a dog

Linda Klinger

Say hello to Linda! Linda joined our dog walking team in 2011. She loves going out to listen to music and any activity with her dogs, Jake and Dylan.

Our dog walker, Christopher Short, is enjoying summertime kayaking

Christopher Short

Introducing Chris, he joined our dog walking team in 2017. His hobbies are kayaking and watching the Phillies and Eagles games.

Our dog walker, Emily Kelchner, is posing side by side with a large black dog

Emily Kelchner

Welcome Emily and her black lab Bella. Emily joined our dog walking team in 2017. Emily enjoys photography, indoor cycling, and yoga. She also captured many of the pictures on this website and our social media.

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