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Smiling Loretta Cleveland, owner and trainer of The Positive Pooch, with two black labs by her sides

Meet the Trainer About Loretta Cleveland

Loretta Cleveland, CPDT, owner and trainer of The Positive Pooch, is a certified dog trainer with the Council for Pet Dog Trainers and a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT).

She has been training dogs for over 20 years and is committed to providing the most effective, convenient solutions to meet all her clients’ dog training needs.

Loretta avidly pursues ongoing professional development, including continued education classes and keeping current on all industry standards. In addition, she has completed Living & Learning with Animals by Dr. Susan Friedman and Brenda Aloff’s The Engaged Dog courses.

When she is not helping her clients, Loretta enjoys competing in obedience trials with her black Labrador Isaac and taking daily walks and runs in the park.

Mason’s Obedience Trial

Watch Mason, Loretta’s black Labrador, compete in an obedience trial where Mason gets first place.

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Isaac in the Open Ring

Watch Isaac compete in the open at Bloomsburg.

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2020 High in Trial 199.5 in Open B

Cleveland All Breed Dog Training Club


2021 High in Trial 199.5 in Open B

Wilmington Kennel Club


2021 High in Trial 200 in Open B

Wilmington Kennel Club

Group of pet owners sitting on the floor with their dogs, listening to the trainer's instructions

Our Training Philosophy

Our training philosophy is based on very simple common sense. Every dog deserves a well-balanced life, which includes daily exercise, a good training program, socialization, and a lot of love! We at The Positive Pooch train with positive reinforcement. We use food reward, toys, and a lot of verbal praise. Dogs also need to learn in their training that there are boundaries.

We teach the owner how to find this balance between praise and correction. We believe that with obedience training you are teaching the dog who the leader is. They learn to respect you in a fun and positive environment


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