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Dog Training & MoreThe Positive Pooch

Owned and operated by Loretta Cleveland, CPDT, The Positive Pooch has been a cornerstone of the community for over twenty years, offering small group classes and in-home training to help every family enjoy a well-behaved dog. Specializing in puppy, intermediate, and advanced classes, we utilize positive reinforcement techniques to ensure effective and compassionate training.

At The Positive Pooch, we believe that every family deserves an obedient and happy dog, and we strive to make our services affordable for everyone. In addition to general training, we address behavioral issues, providing personalized solutions to meet each dog's unique needs.

Loretta Cleveland, our esteemed owner and trainer, continuously advances her knowledge in dog behavior, ensuring that we offer the most current and effective training methods. Trust The Positive Pooch for a positive training experience and a better-behaved dog.

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Smiling Loretta Cleveland, owner and trainer of The Positive Pooch, with two black labs by her sides

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We Offer More Than Just Dog Training

Recent GraduationJune 4th, 2024

Intermediate Class

Congratulations to Banjo, Frankie, Fraser, Peaches, Nola, Maggie, and Ellie!

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Proud dog owners with their pets at a training class graduation ceremony Congratulations


“I have used positive pooch for training all three of my dogs and always had a great experience. They learned quickly using her techniques. I have used her to walk my dogs also on numerous occasions and have always been more than satisfied. I would highly recommend her to anyone who wants to attend her training classes or use her as a dog walker.”

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