Group Classes

Group Classes

Group dog training at The Positive Pooch is a fun and sociable way to learn basic obedience with other dogs and their owners. Many dog owners are encouraged by the support of their classmates and enjoy the camaraderie of group classes. Group training offers an excellent, structured environment to socialize dogs in a controlled manner. When our clients go home they know what they need to work on and understand how to train their dog. Our classes are taught for the everyday pet owner.

To ensure each handler receives the individual attention and assistance they need to succeed, the group class enrollments are kept to a comfortable size.

Group classes are run by Loretta Cleveland, CPDT.  The dates and times for our classes are listed here.

Beginner/Puppy Class - In the beginner class we begin the basic commands such as:

  • - Sit, Down and Stay
  • - Come, Heel
  • - Socialization, Jumping up, Nipping, Manners
  • - Attention work, Leave it

Intermediate Class - In the intermediate class we build on beginner class commands and begin advanced obedience training:

  • - Off leash healing
  • - Proof the come command
  • - Attention work
  • - Hand Signals
  • - Canine Good Citizen Test
  • - Beginning agility equipment

Advance Class- A fun way to expand your ability to communicate with your dog on a deeper level:

We challenge and encourage your dog to continue learning even with the hardest of distractions. We begin doing small agility courses. If you want to establish the best bond possible with your dog, then take the time you need to learn to communicate with your best friend on an advanced level.


Group Classes Sign Up Form

This form needs to be printed, completed and brought to the first class.