Meet the Trainer

Loretta Cleveland, CPDT, owner and trainer of The Positive Pooch is a certified dog trainer with the Council for Pet Dog Trainers and a member of the Association of Pet Dog trainers (APDT). She has been training dogs for over ten years. She is committed to providing the most effective, convenient solutions to her client’s dog training needs. Loretta avidly pursues ongoing continuing and professional development by attending several seminars per year and keeping current on all industry literature. Some of her favorite seminars were given by, Bridget Carlson, Dr. Ian Dunbar, and Kathy Sado. When she is not helping her clients. Loretta enjoys competing in obedience trials with her black Labrador Mason, going for their daily run in the woods, or taking Mason and her other dog Brandi, a nine year old Rottweiler, to a local nursing home.

Our Training Philosophy

My training philosophy is based on very simple common sense. Every dog deserves a well-balanced life, which includes daily exercise, a good training program, socialization, and a lot of love. We at The Positive Pooch train with positive reinforcement. We use food reward, toys, and a lot of verbal praise. Dogs also need to learn in their training there are boundaries. We teach the owner how to find this balance between praise and correction. I believe with obedience training you are teaching the dog who the leader is. They learn to respect you in a fun and positive environment.


The video below shows Loretta competing in an obedience trial with her black Labrador.  Mason got first place in this obedience trial.


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A Proud Member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers.