In Home Dog Training

Private Classes

Private classes are a great way to start your obedience training, with one on one instruction we can work on any problem you are having. I will come to your home once a week and work with you and your dog. No problem too small or too big that we can't handle.

In my fifteen years of dog training I have experience in every aspect of dog behavior. Starting with the fundamentals of puppy training, basic commands, misbehaving of adult dogs, separation anxiety and every type of dog aggression. You will find I have a unique technique that does not depend on the constant use of food reward.

K-9 Conflict Solution Class

    Are you not able to take your dog for a pleasant walk for the fear of how he reacts when he sees other dogs, trucks, kids, skate boarders , etc. Do you avoid every dog you see? If your dog is aggressive with other dogs the basic pet class is not a conducive environment for him to learn in. The K-9 Conflict Solution Class is designed specifically for reactive dogs.

  • - Learn your dogs body posture
  • - Desensitization and counter conditioning
  • - Change your dogs response by redirecting him
  • - Establish gentle but consistent consequences


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